Even if you’ve never heard of “anchor videos,” odds are you’ve probably seen one. Like this one, for example… 




Even though video marketing as a whole is majorly on the rise, anchor (or “prospecting”) videos are the ultimate selling king in the funnel. The purpose of an anchor video is to draw in potential customers with entertainment value while making the sale, answering potential questions, and calling the viewer to action. So what’s the difference between an anchor video and any old video ad?



These videos have the benefit of being a little longer (2-5 minutes). Clients sometimes read our anchor video scripts and remark on how long they are. But hitting that 2-5 minute sweet spot is actually a good thing. Why? 

Length can actually save you money by differentiating between those who are truly interested in purchasing and those who were just along for the ride. Ever been targeted and re-targeted for a product that you couldn’t be less interested in? Well, it’s not just annoying to you– it’s a waste of money for the advertisers. 33% of viewers will stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% by one minute, and 60% by two minutes (Ad Age), and that’s a good thing! A prospecting video slightly longer than 2 minutes allows you to retarget that 40% who are actually interested with other content. 

A recent study from Pew Research Center proves that YouTube has recently been changing its recommendation system to favor longer videos– each time, they recommend new videos with increased length. Longer videos do better with YouTube and Facebook’s algorithm! In 2017, longer videos also received 79 percent more shares and 74 percent more views than all short videos. (Business Insider) 



While a generic long-form video can have any sort of format, anchor videos are written with a strategic formula. You have your hook, your teaser, an early CTA (as well as CTA’s throughout), selling points, problems + solutions, demos, customer reviews, comparisons, as well as stats and case studies– all nestled in a compelling (and often funny) concept. You’ll often find that anchor videos also have either an aspirational (think “Old Spice”) or relatable (like Laura Clary in “Nerd Skincare”) spokesperson who guides the viewer through the selling points. See if you can identify the different points of an anchor video format… 


What makes the videos above so incredibly shareable? Even on their own, they provide value to the viewer in the form of entertainment– humor, emotion, relatability, storytelling, etc. When we write an anchor video, we try to craft a story with humor and emotion tailor-made for the target audience. 

Anchor videos also provide incredible value for the brand– they are both branded content and a sales video. They help a viewer build an emotional connection with the brand, educate them on the selling points and how to use the product, and dispel any reasons why they wouldn’t purchase.

In a Google video ad experiment, it was discovered that “longer is stronger” when it comes to ads on social platforms. While brand awareness was found to be high with the 15 second ads they tested, brand favorability was highest with longer videos. The experiment proved that deeper storytelling promotes “a more meaningful connection to the brand.” Anchor videos go beyond simple brand awareness– they “persuade people to change how they think” and create a deeper emotional connection to the brand and its message.

Another value prop of an anchor video is its modularity. Anchor videos are great for testing and scaling because they can be spliced together in innumerable ways. At Chamber Media, all of the anchor videos are written with several alt hooks, and are tested with the content in different orders to find the most profitable version. Spends are then put behind that version. 



Every brand needs its own anchor video! If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level and make your own, or if you have any questions, click the link below to fill out a request form, and the Chamber Media team will be in contact!


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