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Viral Videos Are Dead, Read This

The creator of the ad of the century believes viral videos are a thing of the past.

So, how do you grow these days? With a new sustainable formula: scalable social videos.

Chamber Media builds social video funnels that have generated over 100 million dollars in sales, and it’s not out of pure luck.

The News Feed will, “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people.”

– Mark Zuckerberg

Let’s face reality: virality is dead

Facebook is like CBS in the 1960s: Your brand isn’t going to get placement without paid, period. This means that virality is no longer a sustainable or predictable way to earn revenue, and even though that can be scary, Chamber Media has the solution.

Social media drives up your branded searches, ot lifts your website orders, and you can create a sustainable, predictable, monthly strategy.

Here are some tips on how to do so:

Build a social video funnel

Don’t just create one social video or a few pieces of content. Create a sequence of content similar to how marketers build website funnels with a mix of top, mid, and low funnel content that can be segmented to different audiences via remarketing.

A complete buying funnel on social that is capable of handling large spends on social. This approach allows you to adapt content during campaigns.

Break best practices (and know how to sell)

Don’t listen to “social gurus,” pitch with long-form videos and create short videos for retargeting audiences.

There’s a lack of understanding about how brand awareness and direct response marketing—designed to compel a prospect to take a specific action—can work together.

On the one side, you have creative philosophers. They don’t believe you should sell on social. But as they only focus on brand content, it’s hard to tie social media activity to ROI. On the other side, you have small businesses. These companies go for the throat with selling, using direct response techniques. But these companies struggle to get placement in the news feed as their content is annoying and quickly fatigues users.

If people watch three or four videos on Facebook, they are likely to buy. Or at least recommend the product

Chambers Media has generated $100 million in trackable sales as a result.

Integrate influencers into content

Facebook does not prioritize branded content in the news feed. To gain traction, you need to integrate influencers into your content and distribution strategy.

Influencers have built organic audiences and can get better traction on Facebook than brands. This helps to spread the initial content—traction that paid amplifies even further.

Look beyond Facebook for true ROI

Social media is the heart of digital, but only measuring the specific channel impact of social (such as how many orders were generated by a UTM code) misses the bigger story. To see the true impact, you need to look beyond social as an isolated channel.

To understand the impact, you can’t look at social as a separate revenue channel. You need to analyze the impact of social on Amazon sales, retail sales, website orders, YouTube traffic, and lifts in branded searches.

Look at the holistic picture in order to truly see how the ad is performing in terms of brand awareness and conversion.

Give value, over and over and over again

People don’t want to see ads. People value quality writing and amazing content. Facebook and YouTube have been flooded with garbage, annoying and dreary ads, so if your ad isn’t good or annoys people, Facebook and YouTube will de-prioritize you.

If you are a brand creating funny, really engaging ads, then you get rewarded by the algorithm. And by the people too, when they make that purchase.