How to Increase Your Email Open Rates

Did you know that, across industries, email open rates are 18.1% on average? How do you compare to that stat?

Let’s increase your email open rates, heck, you deserve it!

Back to Basics

But wait, what IS an email open rate? Well, basically an email open rate is the percentage of people on an email list who actually open an email. For example, if you send a to 100 people, and 35 recipients open it, then your email open rate is 35 percent.

For you, this means the higher the open rate, the more people saw your email. If you want to generate an action from your clients, then you definitely want them to see the content in your email.

If you have a CRM, then it will give you all the analytics you need to know how many people opened it, how many people unsubscribed from your list, how many people clicked on the links in your content, etc. So, we do recommend you sign up to email platforms, like the free an easy one to use, MailChimp.

Increasing your open rate is crucial to your business because it is a way that your customers can see the content you’re sending them, which should include news, offers, educational material, company updates, and more.

So, what are ways to increase your email open rate?

Create a Sense of Urgency

Chances are if you get an email with the words “Last Chance” or “Final Days of,” you are going to click, simply because you feel like you won’t get a deal like that again.

Make the subject of your email irresistible to click by creating a scarcity mindset. If what you are going to provide is only available for a limited time, then they will at least check it out.

Give Them a Discount

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, do you enjoy opening your email app in the morning and seeing an insane amount of promotional emails? No.

But what if it was a deal that is so good, you just can’t scroll by – because it is too big and too good? You’ll probably click, and you’ll probably buy.

Everyone likes a good discount, including your customers.


When someone uses your name in a conversation, don’t you feel special? How about when someone tags you on social media? You likely feel more connected to them because they aren’t just talking at you, they’re talking with you.

You want readers to feel super special and happy with you when they open your email. So, make sure to include your recipient’s name in the first line. If you are using a CRM platform, add the right information for your contacts so that they never get called by a different name.


Have you ever gotten an email that is not relevant to you, in the least bit? Us too. It’s okay if you have a big enough list that you don’t know who would benefit from a specific email. Or maybe, you forgot to categorize.

How embarrassing would it be if you sent the wrong client an email? They would be upset and probably unsubscribe from your list.

A good way to not annoy them, and get them to open is to use this line: “I’m not sure if this is for you, but…”

BONUS TIP: In the body of the email, tell them that if the email is not for them, you apologize, but you would like them to share with someone who would find it useful. BAM, you’ve entered their network.

The Reality of Email Open Rates

We know there are other messaging tools like SMS, Facebook Messenger, and others, but Email marketing isn’t going anywhere.

Use the data at your disposal to understand your customers and play to their interests, use best messaging practices for writing emails, and give them something to look forward to before they open a message from you.