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In this lesson, Morgan and Stefan walk you through creating a captivating sales message that’s sure to hook in your intended audience.

Running Time: 12:52

Before one is able to make a good sales message, one must surely be able to tell the great (powerful), the better, and the lousy. Sharpen your senses through this quick exercise.

Running Time: 2:37

In this lesson, Morgan and Stefan shows you how to strip down, sort and organize your sales message to achieve maximum stickiness to your audience.

Running Time: 11:30

In this lesson, Morgan helps you find your brand voice that helps you standout and your audience recognize you.

Running Time: 5:19

In this lesson, Morgan introduces you to hone your concepting skills to hit that handsome target of yours through creative and wise concepting.

Running Time: 1:35

In this lesson, Stefan sheds some light on the differences between scenes and concepts and how to create each.

Running Time: 7:01

You’ve learned alot about concepting in this lesson. Join Morgan and Stefan to cement it all in with some exercises.

Running Time: 7:16

In this lesson, Morgan and Stefan introduces you to the different types of assets to write scripts for.

Running Time: 4:22

Join Stefan as he introduces the magic of the 7 foundational ad types that sums all other social ads up. You won’t wanna miss this chamber-exclusive concept.

Running Time: 9:53

Join Stefan as he gives you a quick run down on how different ad types can come together and work as he discusses funnels.

Running Time: 1:24

Join Stefan as he finishes off the foundational ad types discussion and helps you find a unicorn.

Running Time: 2:11

Join Morgan and Stefan as they bare some of Chamber’s greatest successes and failures and how budgeting has affected these – and it’s not what you think (most likely). Tune in to find out.

Running Time: 5:50

Join Morgan and Stefan as they top-off the scripting chapter with some important tips and reminders.

Running Time: 4:01

In this lesson, Morgan & Stefan takes you through the art of editing, what to cut, where to cut, what should make the cut, and what to cut out to get that amazing final cut!

Running Time: 13:45

Join Morgan and Ellie as they go through how to make the perfect Ad Copy.

Running Time: 2:55


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