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If You Want 5 Performing Ads, Make 20 The trick to creating high-performing social ads is best summarized in two words – Test and Iterate.  Believe it or not, the performance of an ad doesn’t just come down to your product. Even finding your target audience isn’t enough – little things like CTA’s, hooks, and […]

6 Ways to Make Unboxing Video Ads Everyone loves unboxing videos – it’s so exciting to get something new and unwrap a new package! Unboxing videos help a potential consumer experience what it would be like to receive your product, and it also adds a layer of prestige to your product while you highlight the […]

5 Ads to Shoot on Your Phone There is a saying amongst camera operators that the best camera is the one that can get the shot – meaning big fancy cameras are awesome, but sometimes the best camera to have is the one that is small, light, and most importantly, suits the needs of the […]

Why do Spokesperson Anchor Videos Work So Well For Prospecting? What is a Spokesperson Anchor Video? If you ever scroll on Facebook, chances are you have seen ads that feature a person talking about a brand while doing some pretty ridiculous things. For example, one of our most successful Anchor Video Campaigns had our Spokesperson […]

How to Make Creative that Converts (Not How to be a Videographer) Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, James Cameron and Alfred Hitchcock – what do they all have in common?  They don’t sell.  Not even their high-budget blockbuster movies sold themselves. Even the most amazing films of our time needed trailers and word of […]

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