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5 Ways to Make Social Proof Video Ads Social proof ads are a really quick way to gain your audience’s trust. Your brand or product being featured in reputable publications, magazines, and blogs is a big score! So what is a social proof ad? Social proof ads are defined by Unbounce as, “The positive influence that’s […]

3 Ads That Worked vs. 3 That Didn’t There are great ads and there are bad ads. (And then there are bad ads.)  Depending on who you are “good” and “bad” can have different meanings. If you’re a funny person, you might just pay attention to the humor of an ad. If you’re a mother, […]

If You Want 5 Performing Ads, Make 20 The trick to creating high-performing social ads is best summarized in two words – Test and Iterate.  Believe it or not, the performance of an ad doesn’t just come down to your product. Even finding your target audience isn’t enough – little things like CTA’s, hooks, and […]

6 Ways to Make Unboxing Video Ads Everyone loves unboxing videos – it’s so exciting to get something new and unwrap a new package! Unboxing videos help a potential consumer experience what it would be like to receive your product, and it also adds a layer of prestige to your product while you highlight the […]

5 Ads to Shoot on Your Phone There is a saying amongst camera operators that the best camera is the one that can get the shot – meaning big fancy cameras are awesome, but sometimes the best camera to have is the one that is small, light, and most importantly, suits the needs of the […]

Why do Spokesperson Anchor Videos Work So Well For Prospecting? What is a Spokesperson Anchor Video? If you ever scroll on Facebook, chances are you have seen ads that feature a person talking about a brand while doing some pretty ridiculous things. For example, one of our most successful Anchor Video Campaigns had our Spokesperson […]

How to Make Creative that Converts (Not How to be a Videographer) Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, James Cameron and Alfred Hitchcock – what do they all have in common?  They don’t sell.  Not even their high-budget blockbuster movies sold themselves. Even the most amazing films of our time needed trailers and word of […]

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