Why do Spokesperson Anchor Videos Work So Well For Prospecting?

What is a Spokesperson Anchor Video?   If you ever scroll on Facebook, chances are you have seen ads that feature a person talking about a brand while doing some pretty ridiculous things. For example, one of our most successful Anchor Video Campaigns had our Spokesperson blending things up in GIANT blenders  and talking to…

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How to Make Creative that Converts (Not How to be a Videographer)

Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, James Cameron and Alfred Hitchcock– what do they all have in common?    They don’t sell.    Not even their high-budget blockbuster movies sold themselves. Even the most amazing films of our time needed trailers and word of mouth to convince people to go, and the trailers even miss…

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How to Increase Your Email Open Rates

How to Increase Your Email Open Rates Did you know that, across industries, email open rates are 18.1% on average? How do you compare to that stat? Let’s increase your email open rates, heck, you deserve it! Back to Basics But wait, what IS an email open rate? Well, basically an email open rate is…

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Chamber Media Referrals

4 Sure Ways to Get Referrals

4 Sure Ways to Get Referrals Do you find yourself feeling awkward when it comes to asking for a referral? You definitely want new clients, but you don’t want to come off as desperate or pushy to your current ones? But you provide SUCH great service, it shouldn’t be that way. You should be able…

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Viral Video Chamber Media

Viral Videos Are Dead, Read This

Viral Videos Are Dead, Read This The creator of the ad of the century believes viral videos are a thing of the past. So, how do you grow these days? With a new sustainable formula: scalable social videos. Chamber Media builds social video funnels that have generated over 100 million dollars in sales, and it’s…

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