Drive Millions in Sales.


For over five years, our Brand Partners have loved our tailor-made, full-funnel video packages and paid distribution strategies. Oh, and we’ve tripled four multi-million dollar businesses in just the last 2 years.
Million Trackable Sales
Million Shares
Thousand Press Features
Million Views

We've doubled - and tripled - the revenue of several multi-million dollar companies. Profitably.

Our Brand Partners see massive omni-channel increases as a result of our campaigns. Our unique formula that combines story-selling creative with ninja-level distribution provides our partners with the profitable scaling they are ready for.

  • NERD Skin care: 40k to 4MM
  • Transparent Labs: Going 4X
  • PMD: 10X Wholesale Orders
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We've brought in 8-figure revenue for billion-dollar companies.

Our Brand Partners come from different industries and different stages of growth. From startup companies that need to be launched into the stratosphere, to established billion-dollar corporations that need an extra powerful boost to get to the next level, Chamber Media delivers with our effecive full-funnel video strategies.

  • Credit Repair: 80% Decreased Cost per Lead
  • TurkishAir: YouTube’s Viral Video of the Decade

Case Studies

What Our Brand Partners Have To Say:

Are You Ready For The Transformation?

We grow D2C Brands.

You know who you are. You know your product. You know your market. You know your customers. You know who you are and what you want to put out into the world. You know your brand inside and out. What you need now is a partner to send your brand out into the world.

You need a partner who will take you from being a product seller to being a brand builder, because you know that brands have lasting value. The difference between a 5 dollar widget and a 50 dollar widget is great story telling – or, rather, story selling.


Full Funnel Strategy

We make our creative with the press headlines in mind and in a modular style to be ready for the full marketing funnel.

Modular Content

Modular content creation means that Awareness, Consideration, Research, and Conversion phases on the journey have specific content ready for distribution.


Our ad buyer team is involved in the creative process, from brand intro to script finalizing, to assist in funnel-based modular messaging.

Ready to Scale?

If you are ready to take the next step in scaling your company by creating brand-amplifying videos with our team, then contact us today!